Pupil Premium Grant

Our rationale for Pupil Premium spending

It is funding to support children who may be vulnerable to underachievement. The amount a school is allocated depends upon the number of children who are entitled to free school meals. Additional academic support has been shown to be the most beneficial use of the Pupil Premium Grant in terms of narrowing the gap in achievement between FSM and non FSM children at Vale View Primary School.

Our values

In order to meet the needs of all our children at Vale View, we ensure first quality teaching and learning.
We ensure that appropriate provision is made for children who belong to vulnerable groups and that socially disadvantaged children have their needs adequately assessed and met.
We recognise that not all children who receive free school meals will be socially disadvantaged and we also recognise that not all children that are disadvantaged have free school meals. We allocate Pupil Premium funding to support any child the school has identified as being socially disadvantaged and should be making better progress.
We will allocate Pupil Premium funding after a needs analysis to identify priority groups and individuals.

For 2018/2019, our allocation was £245,340 and the identified spending arranged as:

  • Intervention groups to support children with specific learning needs to support reading and writing via TAs including SERI, Higher Order Reasoning Skills and Tier programme (Phonics):
  • Speech & Language therapist for early identification & intervention from Nursery.
  • On site provision of access to service & expertise including CPD for staff.
  • Addition booster readers recruited to support SATs at end of key stages and Year 3 (national dip).
  • Reading Detectives family engagement project undertaken in KS2 to improve inference skills, in addition to raising the awareness and profile of reading overall.

Pupil Wellbeing

  • Learning Mentor for targeted support to improve attendance, behaviour or links with families where these are barriers to a pupil’s learning and improving access to outside agencies.
  • Lunchtime clubs & after school club for targeted children to improve social interaction.
  • Enabling all children to access enrichment opportunities including subsidised trips
  • Free fruit

As the grant we receive is dependent on families actively claiming Free School Meals, it is vital that you apply if you think you may be entitled to do so. Once you have received your claim, there is no requirement that your child MUST have school meals if they not wish to do so. Your entitlement will stay in place until your circumstances change, whether your children are having school dinners or not, and , even if you only claim the money for a short period of time , the school will continue to receive the Pupil Premium Grant for each child entitled for the next 6 years.​​​​​​​

If you think you may be entitled to claim Free School Meals please Click here

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Please see attached our Pupil Premium Strategy.